Best Practices – Choosing a Car Transport Shipping Company for Interstate Car Transport

Maybe you’ve been offered have a great opportunity that you simply can’t pass up, or you just want to have a fresh start in a different part of the country. Your plan is to pack as much of your personal belongings as you can.

Your stuff is all packed up and the furniture movers have been scheduled and now you’re just waiting for the big day to arrive. But what if you like most of us have two or even three cars, how are you going to get them all to your new home? The simple solution: consider hiring a car transport shipping company to move your car for you.

Car movers can transport your vehicle to your new home safely and securely, without the risk of you having to drive it across country yourself.

With a professional car mover your car, truck, RV, or SUV will arrive at your front door with absolutely no wear and tear, and without the worries of you trying to drive it yourself.

Rules and Regulations for International Shipping

The United States becomes more of a melting pot each year and this means that more U.S. residents are sending and receiving packages from overseas. Every country has rules and regulations for international shipping. To ensure that their packages are delivered quickly and in the most efficient manner possible, shippers should learn and adhere to the requirements.

Safety is Top Priority in International Shipping

Reputable carriers place a top priority on safety when shipping packages internationally. When using the United States Postal Service (USPS), a shipper should not place a package that weighs more than 13 ounce into a USPS collection box, self-service kiosk, lobby drop, or other unattended USPS location. If the package is left in a mailbox, it will not be picked up. If it is dropped into a lobby drop or collection box, it will be returned to the shipper.

Before sending international mail, shippers should verify that the drop-off location will accept it. Any piece of mail without a completed customs declaration form must be presented to a representative at a U.S. Post Office location even if the package has postage stamps on it. This includes mail bound for APO/FPO/DPO addresses for military troops stationed overseas.

International Shipping Rules and Restrictions

Many shippers do not realize that there are rules and regulations for what can and cannot be mailed through the USPS and many major carriers. The USPS will not mail alcoholic beverages so if a shipper uses a box that previously contained alcohol, all labeling must be removed from the container before mailing. Perfume that contains alcohol cannot be shipped internationally and when it is shipped domestically, it cannot be sent via air.

Only an entity registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration can ship prescription medications. For certain over-the-counter medications, similar restrictions apply so shippers should check before mailing. Shipping packages the correct way shortens delivery time and with medication this can mean the difference between life and death.

Though an unloaded shotgun or rifle may be eligible for mailing, it is subject to many shipping regulations. Only a licensed dealer or manufacturer is permitted to mail or receive a handgun. Though it is much less dangerous from an explosive standpoint, perishable matter is subject to rules and restrictions and in most situations a substance fitting this description may not be mailed internationally. Shippers should contact their carrier services to determine whether their international shipments are restricted or prohibited.

Benefits of Using Freight Shipping Services

Importing and exporting of goods and products has become common in today’s world. It has become an everyday activity. It is just impossible to load heavy goods manually. Taking all these aspects into consideration, you can blindly opt for freight shipping services. They are the perfect source and help you to carry out the shipping services effectively. Earlier shipping and transportation of goods and products was done manually. However, it was too time consuming. The introduction of freight shipping has actually simplified the process of carrying and transporting to a great extent. You will find a large number of companies make use of this service effectively.

Shipping services are used all over the world by numerous companies. There are many companies who have to import and export products to other countries on a regular basis. It is impossible for a company to individually visit other places to export products. Freight services have actually proved to be beneficial in the long run. It does not matter whether you have a small scale business or large scale business, freight services will be your true companion for all your import and export needs. This is one of the most preferred options among various companies as it helps in saving your valuable time. They carry transfer service anywhere in the world.

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